Exhibit at Aspire Gallery, Brisbane

Every Feb Aspire runs a ‘petite pieces’ art exhibit for artist everywhere to show their work. This year is the second year I have participated in the exhibit. With over 80 artists and 180 art works, it is a very impressive exhibition. Currently on exhibit, I have 5 of my mini hoop landscapes displayed at the Paddington Gallery. 

A competition is run with a variety of exceptional prizes for the artists. I was lucky enough to receive one of the small business awards and boy was I blown away. There are some stunning artworks on display and I encourage anyone who is able to go and visit the gallery. If you are unable to attend in person, all of the artworks are online and can be found at Aspire 

The Twleve Commandments of Needle Felting

Today I am here to share with you all the 12 very important rules to needle felting. I have come to know these rules well in my time, ha we asked for forgiveness from the Felting Gods and Goddesses for my impure thoughts and maybe breaking one or two of their commandments. Today I ask for forgiveness for number 2. I misplaced a single needle. I prayed to the Goddess of lost needles and she helped me quickly find the needle under the couch. 

I hope for beginners and experienced felters alike having these Commandments close by will strengthen your belief in the felting Gods. Is there a commandment you need to ask forgiveness for today? 

*Disclaimer : This blog post is written in a lighthearted and cheeky manner. In no way do I mean any disrespect to the Christian religion or denominations of the Christian belief. 

The 12 Commandments of Needle Felting

1 Thou shall not be upset when a felting needle breaks

2 Thou shall not forget where thou put ones needles

3 Thou shall not be discouraged by the work of others

4 Thou shall not imagine another is the object of stabbing

5 Thou shall admire the wool transformation even when it was unplanned

6 Thou shall have a range of colours and hord fibre 

7 Thou shall allow visitors to believe you own a pet that sheds (in rainbow colours). 

8 Thou shall felt before household chores

9 Thou shall spend more money on felting wool than clothes 

10 Thou shall not multitask while needle felting 

11 Thou shall be patient 

12 Thou shall swear in moderation when accidentally stabbing ones self. 

1 Scale at a Time

Continuing with my Dragon today I am needle felting each scale on individually. I job that is going to take me a long time but is rather methodical and soothing. 

Here’s a quick video (25 seconds) of 15 minutes of felting. πŸ™‚ 

Have a great weekend. 



Work in Progress

This year has started off like a bull out of a gate. So many things going on and exciting times ahead. I always find a new year refreshing and enlightening. I like to reflect on what I achieved in the last year, how I’ve grown and make plans to improve. One goal I really wish I would make more time for is this blog. So here we go….

I am working on a sweet lavender and light blue dragon at the moment. This little guy is just big enough to wrap over my shoulders. Perfect size for a Game of Thrones costume party. πŸ™‚ 




What Not To Do While Needle Felting

During my years experience of needle felting I have come to experience the terrible and painful moments where the needle becomes misguided on his journey, and stab myself in the finger, leg, hand etc. 
Now this can be not only painful at the time of stabbing but then, for some perculiar reason, the throbbing can continue well into the next few days. A tiny needle, causing this much pain is a travesty. Therefore while I love the idea of multitasking while felting this can be hazardous to your health. I have tried, lord knows, I have tried to multitask this craft and alas I have failed many times. So, I thought I would come up with a list of things to avoid doing whilst also needle felting that may be cautionary to beginners and a bit of a laugh to those more experienced in this art form. 

1. Watching TV – this is probably my number 1 fault and I always think I can do it. I blindly tell myself ‘last time is the last time you’ll do that… you’ll be fine!’ Nope, and then it happens again. 

2. Walk – walking and needle felting can be hazardous and lead to tripping and stabbing yourself. 

3. Cook – fibres in your food, mistaken as hair. Not great if you’re having dinner guests. 😬 awkward 

4. Dance – well this one has accidental stabs written all over it. Now I love to dance while wet felting and rolls the wool back and forth, unfortunately I must restrain myself while needle felting. Imparting my wisdom I say, Be safe felty friends. 

5. In bed – now I have heard of a case where a woman did this and fell asleep. She woke up to needles very close to her face. Ekkk! Careful, careful, careful.

6. Read a book – hmmm I’m not sure about you but my eyes can only be in 1 place at a time so safety suggests audiobooks. Problem solved! Even better if Morgan Freeman is narrating. 

7. Watch/Go to a sporting event – whether it’s the footy or tennis, a Mexican wave usually occurs at some point. Best to keep those needles down. πŸ™‚ plus if it is tennis a little ‘ah f*#k’ during a serve might be frowned upon. 

8. Fly – carrying felting needles may lead to a strip search. No thank you. 

9. Have a deep meaningful discussion with your partner –  Nothing says romance like the sweet cursing when a needle goes into the side of your finger. Put those needles down and enjoy the romance.

10. Talk on the phone – now I love to chat with friends any chance I get. Just as I have mentioned previously, a little curse word left field during an important conversation might lead to lots of explanations necessary. Or maybe you’ll be able to invite them over for a beverage and curse while needle felting together. πŸ™‚ 

To part with you here I would just like to say. Poke safely my friends, and if in doubt, wear finger guards. πŸ˜€

Washing Week

There’s nothing like starting a new year by getting started on those tasks that make you feel like you’ve done a hard days work. When I’m outside washing wool I feel alive and like I’m back home on the farm. 

While in my suburban home I don’t have a wool shed with big tables to lay my fleece out on, I do find solice in my back yard. No fancy equipment here, just a big 60L tub, a garden hose and tressel table. Watching my daughter and the dogs run around playing while I pull straw and burrs from the fleece gives me time to practice mindfulness and gratitude. Letting my brain slow down and really appreciate the quiet moments in life really recharges my creative soul. 

This week I’m washing a fleece from Rosie, a merino Corriedale cross sheep and a Gotland fleece. Both are from Vic Australia. Beautiful and soft, such a pleasure to be gifted something so precious from these gorgeous animals. I love that this sustainable product is so versatile and earthy. 

Stay tuned to see updates on how this wool is carded and dyed. πŸ™‚  

2017 Plans

It’s December?! What! How did this happen? Where has the time disappeared to and what on earth did I achieve? December brings this mood and time of reflection into my life. Like many others, I get excited to think what the new year will bring. 

In 2017 I have some plans on recreating a beloved children’s book and bringing it to life for my daughter. The amazing author, who will remain nameless for the time, being has graciously allowed me to sculpt the characters of his book for which I am very grateful. 

Also in 2017 I will be focussing on animal sculptures. So I would love to hear from you. What animals would you love to see sculpted to life? Would you like to see videos made of these transformations from fluff to form? Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you. 

Needle felted tiger

The Symbol of Power

Tigers are the symbol of power. They are graceful and people all over the world are drawn to their nature and beauty. 

I have been lucky enough to make this gorgeous guy. Hiding in my garden, he is gentle and sweet. Stealing the heart of my daughter and I, packaging him up to send this morning brought a tear to my eye. Knowing that he is going to be loved at his new home makes this process easier. I truly do believe that a piece of my heart goes with each sculpture I make onto their new home. 

This tiger was needle felted firmly with wire in the tail for soft posing. So he can swish his tail or lay it still ready to pounce. I am looking forward to making another of these beautiful creatures very soon, but for now a cockatoo needs to be completed. πŸ™‚ 

If you would like to discuss having your own totem animal created please contact me Here. Alternatively you can purchase a deposit for an animal here


Mini Hoop Art Launch

Hello my lovely peeps, it’s so lovely to be back online with something new and exciting for you. This month we are launching a new range of art pieces and my goodness they are so good you can even wear them. πŸ™‚ The collection for this first launch is entitled ‘Beauty in Nature’ showcasing some of the exquisite landscape our gorgeous world has on offer.

To add to the launch I will be holding Β a virtual exhibition of each piece here at Hummingbirdatelier.com.au and I truly hope it will delight you. If you happen to be in the Brisbane area and would love to see these pieces in person I would be happy to host you and have a cup of tea with you here in my studio. Just drop me an email at info@hummingbirdatelier.com.au to make an appointment.

Once the launch is over I will be opening up custom spots for those interested in creating a personal and memorable mini hoop art piece. Stay tuned for this as there will be limited spots available in the lead up to the Christmas rush.

The launch will be at 7pm on 25 October with pieces being available to purchase through my madeit.com.au store.

Signing off for now but before I do I will leave you with a couple of photos of the first pieces in the collection.

12 Apostles Greact Ocean Road vic


Niagara Falls America Canada


Tiny Scotland

Every now and then I need to step back from a project I am working on. I take a break, distract myself with another activity and go back to it with fresh eyes. 

Yesterday’s break from a client’s piece came this little treasure. Having some down time watching Outlander season 1, for I think the hundredth time, I created this piece. 

Inspired by the thistle I found a gorgeous image online of Glencoe and a valley covered in thistles that lead down to a charming loch. So picturesque was this image I knew it must be brought to life in this mini embroidery hoop. A tiny hoop, only 5cm high, and 2 1/2hrs later I felt so proud putting the landscape of the Scottish highlands into its frame. 

I have had such an influx of support of this piece that you can expect to see more of these created in the near future and for sale in my online shop. 
Have a beautiful day,