About Me


We make felt! Hummingbird Atelier is a small mummy run business. I am a dedicated wife and mummy who, combined with taking care of our little family, drinking coffee and exploring nature, creates and designs really beautiful and unique hand felted animals and landscape wool paintings. I get excited by gorgeous animals, beautiful quality Australian wool and creating gorgeous keepsakes for always.

My designs are hand felted wool loveliness you will LOVE to share with family & friends. Each animal and landscape wool painting is designed by me and in each step of every creation I am there dreaming, sketching, dyeing and stabbing (with felting needles 😊). From our super sweet felted soaps… to our very special and exclusive custom animal sculptures.

I hope that you LOVE the warmth of Australian wool in this unique and versatile way as much as I LOVE making them!

All of my mini hoops and animals are made with natural fibres, mostly sheep wool and natural based findings. I love the warmth and quality of Australian wool and the beautiful colours that are made by dyeing it.

I never tire of seeing how a scattered pile of wool fibres, thread and some unique findings can come together into little creatures, each with such distinct personalities. I don’t know who they will be until I’m finished embroidering or needle sculpting their tiny features.

Creating is something I’ve always done. As a child I remember doing long stitch, sewing, drawing, painting, felting and even making recycled paper. I studied textile design and art early on and my love of creating continues to grow.  I have learned from artisans I have met on this journey. Mostly though, I’m self taught, exploring and learning as I go.
I work directly with many farmers to source quality wool and process it myself. Working directly with the farmer allows me to know how the animals have been raised and where my materials come from. I thoroughly enjoy the process of cleaning, washing, carding, dyeing my fibre. Although it is hard work there is a sense of being in harmony and peace with my creative process. It makes my heart sing to know my creations are eco friendly and have a small carbon footprint. I have always believed if I can make a piece that I like then perhaps someone else will too.

Hummingbird Atelier was born from my love of French language
and the plight of the hummingbird. The hummingbird is known to felt its nest together when building a home for her babies. A mumma hummingbird uses cotton fluffs, bits of willows, soft plant pieces, dryer lint, and leaf hairs. She will bring these items back to her nest a little at a time, felting it all together, using her beak, body and feet with spider webs. This process resonates with me and the painstaking process that creating something beautiful from natural fibres can be both comforting and wonderful.

I’m always happy to answer any questions.

You can find me on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

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