The Twleve Commandments of Needle Felting

Today I am here to share with you all the 12 very important rules to needle felting. I have come to know these rules well in my time, ha we asked for forgiveness from the Felting Gods and Goddesses for my impure thoughts and maybe breaking one or two of their commandments. Today I ask for forgiveness for number 2. I misplaced a single needle. I prayed to the Goddess of lost needles and she helped me quickly find the needle under the couch. 

I hope for beginners and experienced felters alike having these Commandments close by will strengthen your belief in the felting Gods. Is there a commandment you need to ask forgiveness for today? 

*Disclaimer : This blog post is written in a lighthearted and cheeky manner. In no way do I mean any disrespect to the Christian religion or denominations of the Christian belief. 

The 12 Commandments of Needle Felting

1 Thou shall not be upset when a felting needle breaks

2 Thou shall not forget where thou put ones needles

3 Thou shall not be discouraged by the work of others

4 Thou shall not imagine another is the object of stabbing

5 Thou shall admire the wool transformation even when it was unplanned

6 Thou shall have a range of colours and hord fibre 

7 Thou shall allow visitors to believe you own a pet that sheds (in rainbow colours). 

8 Thou shall felt before household chores

9 Thou shall spend more money on felting wool than clothes 

10 Thou shall not multitask while needle felting 

11 Thou shall be patient 

12 Thou shall swear in moderation when accidentally stabbing ones self. 

4 thoughts on “The Twleve Commandments of Needle Felting

  1. Joy Boughey says:

    Ha Ha, that’s good Amanda! I may have been just a teeny weeny bit guilty of number 3 today, and if I’d pricked myself, which I didn’t today, I would definitely be guilty of number 12 …. otherwise I think I’ve been pretty well behaved … but … the day is young yet over in the West! Enjoy your weekend in the heat while we drown in rain! x

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