Washing Week

There’s nothing like starting a new year by getting started on those tasks that make you feel like you’ve done a hard days work. When I’m outside washing wool I feel alive and like I’m back home on the farm. 

While in my suburban home I don’t have a wool shed with big tables to lay my fleece out on, I do find solice in my back yard. No fancy equipment here, just a big 60L tub, a garden hose and tressel table. Watching my daughter and the dogs run around playing while I pull straw and burrs from the fleece gives me time to practice mindfulness and gratitude. Letting my brain slow down and really appreciate the quiet moments in life really recharges my creative soul. 

This week I’m washing a fleece from Rosie, a merino Corriedale cross sheep and a Gotland fleece. Both are from Vic Australia. Beautiful and soft, such a pleasure to be gifted something so precious from these gorgeous animals. I love that this sustainable product is so versatile and earthy. 

Stay tuned to see updates on how this wool is carded and dyed. 🙂  

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