Needle felted tiger

The Symbol of Power

Tigers are the symbol of power. They are graceful and people all over the world are drawn to their nature and beauty. 

I have been lucky enough to make this gorgeous guy. Hiding in my garden, he is gentle and sweet. Stealing the heart of my daughter and I, packaging him up to send this morning brought a tear to my eye. Knowing that he is going to be loved at his new home makes this process easier. I truly do believe that a piece of my heart goes with each sculpture I make onto their new home. 

This tiger was needle felted firmly with wire in the tail for soft posing. So he can swish his tail or lay it still ready to pounce. I am looking forward to making another of these beautiful creatures very soon, but for now a cockatoo needs to be completed. 🙂 

If you would like to discuss having your own totem animal created please contact me Here. Alternatively you can purchase a deposit for an animal here


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