Mini Hoop Art Launch

Hello my lovely peeps, it’s so lovely to be back online with something new and exciting for you. This month we are launching a new range of art pieces and my goodness they are so good you can even wear them. 🙂 The collection for this first launch is entitled ‘Beauty in Nature’ showcasing some of the exquisite landscape our gorgeous world has on offer.

To add to the launch I will be holding  a virtual exhibition of each piece here at and I truly hope it will delight you. If you happen to be in the Brisbane area and would love to see these pieces in person I would be happy to host you and have a cup of tea with you here in my studio. Just drop me an email at to make an appointment.

Once the launch is over I will be opening up custom spots for those interested in creating a personal and memorable mini hoop art piece. Stay tuned for this as there will be limited spots available in the lead up to the Christmas rush.

The launch will be at 7pm on 25 October with pieces being available to purchase through my store.

Signing off for now but before I do I will leave you with a couple of photos of the first pieces in the collection.

12 Apostles Greact Ocean Road vic


Niagara Falls America Canada


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