To kiss a Frog Prince

Throughout history there have been folklore and fairy tales written to capture our imagination and allow us to believe in something magical. As fairy tales go, the story of The Princess and the Frog is one that springs to mind every time I find a green tree frog on the farm. Should I? Could it really happen? What if he pees on me? Ewww. I have never kissed a frog in real life but the magic of this story has stayed with me from childhood.

So, when it came to creating a frog prince I was ever so happy to turn this loved tale into a reality. Needle felted over a soft wire armature to give some strength to his frame, this darling boy is made with pure Australian merino wool. His toes have been sealed with organic beeswax to give that sticky frog foot look, and to hold those tiny little fibres on tight to the wire.

He was a great poser with and without his crown. All the ducks at the river stream came to check us out and pay homage to the prince.

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