Needle felted characters on TV

I get so excited when I see fibre used in new and amazing ways and today I found something super adorable while on ABC for Kids. 

Finding children’s TV shows that have needle felted characters which have been animated warms my heart. Mofy and Scout and the Gumboot Kids on ABC for Kids are animated needle felted characters. Scout, the mouse,  teaches kids about the world around them and Mofy, a bunny, looks at friendships and learning about emotions. 

Photo of Scout courtesy of ABC for kids. 

Wool and fibre are so versatile. Mixed with other mediums such as polymer clay or glass eyes really bring these needle felt characters to life. 

Making something from nothing, just magical! 

2 thoughts on “Needle felted characters on TV

  1. amandagirodat says:

    Hi JBrd, I hope you enjoy needle felting. It is great fun. Check back in soon as I will have some beginner tutorials on my page.
    Finding those tiny clothes can be tricky. You can try teddy bear and doll making sites and etsy. Best of luck! 😘

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